Helena Lima

Helena Lima


Helena Lima is Associated Professor of the Department of Communication and Information Sciences of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto. Her PhD thesis «Oporto newspapers and challenges in the Press: Tradition and Breakthroughs» addresses the history of three important newspapers, their editorial features and evolution to modern times. The previous master dissertation is a study on «A Previdente», a nineteenth-century specialized magazine on social and economic doctrine. The main research interests are media, journalism history, media literacy and the topics related to news content and discourse. Studies on journalism subjects also tackle news formats, professional practices and laboratorial teaching. The projects where Helena Lima has participated reflect different forms of cooperation in research with scholars of different fields, from journalism to engineering, design and also media companies. The publications in books, chapters and articles are part of the outputs of these activates. Helena Lima has been the supervisor of several dissertations on journalism, political communication and other. She is also supervisor of PhD students in journalism, communication and digital studies. The experience has a teacher in the communication and journalism fields relies on a long career of 30 years. A more recent project is related to health news and the impacts on health literacy. This research has been carried out within a collaborative lab in the University of Porto, the LACLIS, where she is also the coordinator. In the several activities of LACLIS the research has been the one with interesting outcomes, namely dissertations and a PhD thesis. A strong cooperation with Health authorities and social organizations as well as formation are also part of the lab’s activities.

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Sesión plenaria 01 – História, memória e media

14 Sep 2023
9:15 - 10:45
Auditório A14, Piso -1